Remember Me Review: Elephants would cost a fortune

remember me review big2 Remember Me Review: Elephants would cost a fortune

You’ve heard that elephants never forget, right? Well, if you actually had the misfortune of being a citizen of Neo-Paris, which is the imaginary city where Remember Me takes place, owning an elephant would probably make you a millionaire. Why? Read on to find out!

Posted on Sun, Jun 16, 2013 | By Rado Slavov

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The thing is that the enterprising folks from the Memorize company have invented a new device called Sensen (Sensation Engine), which can basically manage all of your memories. You can upload your memories to the cloud, so that they are always accessible to you, or simply remove any unpleasant memories. Well, with everybody’s memories made easily accessible to the Memorize company, you can imagine the kind of influence that the company has managed to build.

Realizing the direness of the situation, a group of people called Errorists gets formed in order to fight Memorize and put an end to the newly-established regime. The thing is that Memorize has the technology to deal with everyone who’s daring to oppose them pretty easily – they simply wipe their memory.

The main character in this story, Nilin Cartier-Wells, is an Errorist fallen in the hands of Memorize. The game opens up with Nilin going through a series of painful procedures aimed at removing every last bit of memory she has. Thankfully, Edge, an old buddy of yours and leader of the Errorists group, contacts you just in time before the final procedure has taken place. With some help from Edge, Nilin manages to escape Memorize’s prison, which takes her to the slum of the city. It turns out, however, that the extremely poor area is inhabited not by regular humans, but by the so called Leapers – people who have become so addicted to experiencing (mostly good) memories via the Sensen, which has caused the device to deteriorate over time. The problem with this is that the corrupted Sensen has completely messed up the minds of the users, causing all those people to enter a state, which many of us would characterize as ‘zombie.’ Before the day is over, Nilin has to face various kinds of Leapers, city guards and mini-bosses in order to stay alive and continue her journey.


olga remember me review Remember Me Review: Elephants would cost a fortune


Remember Me is a third-person game that features both fighting and platforming action. Between the various fighting scenes, Nilin has to reach certain locations which requires her to make her way around the city by jumping from platform to platform, or by climbing from balcony to balcony. The platforming part of the game doesn’t cause much trouble, although it feels somewhat basic and lacks freedom.

The fighting system is pretty cool as it allows you to create your own combos by lining up different kinds of available moves. As a whole, combat feels similar to that of the Batman Arkham games, which is good, but the concept of designing your custom combos makes it even better. It does take a while to get used to all of this, though, as the game doesn’t try very heard to teach you how it works.

Remember Me features a third gameplay aspect which is all about remixing other people’s memories. It turns out that Nilin has this very rare ability to alter an individual’s memories (through their Sensen) in order to get them to cooperate. Those episodic sequences where you play with someone’s memories are quite cool (once you get the hang of them) and make for a nice change of pace.

Remember Me certainly has a bit of an arcade feel to it, which isn’t a bad thing, of course, but it slightly contrasts the dark, serious tone set by the narrative and the setting. Furthermore, although we absolutely love the fact that there’s quite a bit of dialog in the game, we have to admit that some parts of it don’t sound very convincing. Still, imperfect dialog is much better than no dialog at all.

Graphics and Sound

Remember Me uses Unreal Engine 3, and thankfully, the developers have made a good use of the technology by crafting a game with beautiful environments and characters. Well, some objects and details are a bit rough around the edges, but all in all, Remember Me is a looker and manages to keep steady frame-rates. Lighting effects, in particular, are a joy to behold.

While we weren’t really amazed by the soundtrack, we can’t say that it’s bad either. Remember Me is certainly above average in the overall sound department, although the voice acting for Nilin could be a bit better, especially in the more explosive scenes, where her voice tends to remain surprisingly calm and neutral.

The Verdict

Remember Me is a noteworthy action-adventure game that features a strong storyline and immersive setting. Most characters are very interesting and make you want to see more of them.

In terms of gameplay, some aspects leave a bit to be desired, but overall, the experience that Remember Me offers is pretty solid and entertaining. It’s probably not a game that will linger in your memories forever, but if you’re looking to play a beautiful and story-driven action game, then you should by no means overlook this one. In fact, Remember Me is definitely one of the more intriguing games this summer.

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